Become Accredited

If you work in the area of people development and ministry, HeartLife Facilitator Accreditation will enable you to use and add a significant tool to your ‘kit’ to help people and organisations gain insight for transformation.

The aim is to ensure a consistent level of facilitation and a quality experience for every person that engages HeartLife. Accreditation takes place in a safe, stimulating and experiential learning environment where you learn, grow and become equipped. Facilitators are accredited and trained to conduct programs, retreats, seminars, workshops and coaching sessions using the HeartLife Indicator.

Become Accredited

What's Involved?

HeartLife Facilitator Accreditation runs for one evening and four consecutive days. Most public accreditations are held in Sydney, Australia (HeartLife’s hometown) however accreditations can be run in other states and countries. Contact us to find out more or check out upcoming accreditation dates.

Facilitator Support

On becoming an Accredited HeartLife Facilitator you gain access to our Facilitator Coordinator who is available to provide assistance, suggestions and advice for debriefing and program facilitation. You will also have access to Facilitator updates and become part of the HeartLife Facilitator Network – learning and developing through webinars and updates.

Facilitator support

Accreditation Outcomes

  • Learn about the origins of human defensive in Genesis 3
  • Gain insight into effective thinking and behaviour
  • Gain an appreciation of the foundation of HeartLife
  • Gain a thorough understanding of the HeartLife Indicator quadrants and behaviours
  • Receive guidelines for the ethical use of HeartLife
  • Learn the methodology underpinning HeartLife and how it can be used to develop people and leaders
  • Understand the process a person goes through when they receive their results
  • Learn about the link between the heart and the brain in behaviour
  • Learn how to interpret, give feedback and teach HeartLife for others to gain insight into effective and ineffective behaviour
  • Learn to use practical and powerful process tools that help people encounter God
  • Understand the process of Situation + Thinking = Behaviour
  • Be confident to adapt HeartLife to a variety of contexts

Cost of Accreditation

Become an Accredited HeartLife Facilitator with a team and implement sustainable HeartLife programs in your organisation. Or register as an individual and add a significant tool to your ministry or coaching ‘kit’. The cost of the accreditation covers an individual or up to three people for the same price from the same church. Payment can be made in full or in instalments over six months.

Number of persons Accredited Accreditation Cost
Individual $900
Up to 3 persons from same church $1,650
1 person from mission organisation $660
2 persons from mission organisation $880
3 persons from mission organisation $1,100

What you get

As an Accredited HeartLife Facilitator, you receive a comprehensive Facilitator Manual which includes:

  • Example agenda elements and suggestions for conducting half, one, two and three day programs
  • A PowerPoint presentation of slides used for HeartLife facilitation
  • All experiential activities
  • USB with all materials

To further support you we provide an online Learning Centre on the HeartLife website. This centre includes a range of materials including the latest comprehensive presentations, teaching videos and resources to download and incorporate into your facilitation and programs, coaching and counseling. You also receive ongoing support from HeartLife and access to updates, training and webinars.

Post-Accreditation Programs

Three Post Accreditation Programs are currently being run through HeartStyles, the character development tool for the corporate sector. Under the Achievement Concepts business, the HeartStyles team has over 25 years of experience facilitating corporate groups at all levels of business. Register for upcoming programs at HeartStyles.

  • Facilitator Skills Program
  • How-to Skills Program
  • MAC=V Selling Skills


See what others have to say about HeartLife Accreditation.

Paul Manwaring, GLobal Legacy Director  (A Ministry of Bethel Church)

“Thank you so much for serving our team, accrediting them as Facilitators in HeartLife. You have had a massive impact on our lives and there is more to come. This was the perfect next step for us this year. I wish the whole team could have done it!”


Contact Kirsten Agius

To register or for more HeartLife Facilitator Accreditation information contact Kirsten Agius.

T: +61 431 326 025