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Collective character determines group culture. When love and humility replace fear and pride, a safe environment is created where people are free to be authentic. A healthy culture releases people into their full potential and into a place where there is no longer need for control, avoidance and aggression. A healthy culture engages the passion and heart of its people.

HeartLife is currently being used worldwide by leadership teams, ministry schools, small groups, congregations and counsellors. One-off programs and events are great but we believe real and lasting transformation occurs when communities are empowered to journey together. For that reason we now focus our time and energy on accrediting and supporting teams to run HeartLife in organisations – at their own pace, in their own way, adapted to their context. Find out how you can become an Accredited HeartLife Facilitator. Or, contact us to connect you with an Accredited HeartLife Facilitator

We facilitate growth

Effective leaders are authentic and self-aware. HeartLife puts priority on developing the heart of the leader, so their energy matches their intentions which sets them up for effectiveness.

Personal Development

Individuals benefit when engaged with HeartLife. They learn how to interpret their results, get insight into why they behave the way they do, and receive practical steps and tools for the journey of growth and transformation.

Leadership Development

The leadership energy of the 21 priority on developing the heart of the leader, so their words and what they do matches their intentions. century is that of authenticity and self-awareness. HeartLife puts st

Culture Development

Organisations don’t change, its people do. When individuals and leaders are in the process of developing the culture is shaped into an atmosphere of humility and love.

We Facilitate Growth
Personal Development
Leadership Development
Culture Development

Accredited Facilitators

Accredited HeartLife Facilitators operate in Australia, South Africa, United Kingdom and United States. If you would like to implement HeartLife in your organisation, get your team accredited or partner with our amazing team of Accredited HeartLife Facilitators. They have the knowledge, experience, passion and vision to work with you and your organisation. Click here to be connected to an Accredited HeartLife Facilitator.

Where We Are


Take a moment to read testimonies from two leaders who have embraced HeartLife in their organisations.

Rob Feeney, Senior Pastor, Gracepoint Christian Church, Sydney

Rob Feeney

“One of the phrases we say and aspire to at GracePoint is for our church ‘to become the lifeblood of the community – a Church the community cannot do without.’ In the natural realm the heart is the central focus for pumping oxygenated (life) blood throughout the body. In the spiritual realm we want to be a Church which pumps the life of Jesus into and around our community, therefore it’s essential we have healthy hearts.

HeartLife is just the tool we have been looking for to help us in this pursuit. Healthy hearts equals a healthy Church and the overflow of this is transformed lives and communities. After implementing HeartLife into our church staff and key leaders over the past two years, we have noticed significant positive changes taking place in people’s behaviour patterns. HeartLife has given us insight for transforming lives by focusing on living out of God’s heart with a renewed mind and allowing Him to develop mature character within each of us.

We now have a language to use for both ineffective and effective behaviours, we have an understanding of what is driving these behaviours, and together we are on a pursuit to create a culture and environment focused on ‘Heart Healthy’ lives and relationships. We are now taking this a step further in our church by developing ‘HeartLife Month’. Over four Sunday mornings in July and August we will use the allocated ‘preaching time’ and teach and lead our people through the HeartLife process of developing healthy hearts.

We can’t wait to see the exponential transformation that will take place both within our people and the communities within our sphere of influence – heart renewal and transformation will take place. I’d recommend HeartLife to any Senior Leader or Church who wants to be transformed out of the overflow of the heart!”

Andy Read, CEO, Links International

Andy Read

“As someone who has been connected with HeartLife since its launch in 2007, I am a firm believer in the potential for this tool to change lives. In my role as the CEO of Links International, a UK mission and development charity, I travel to some of the poorer communities in the world where we seek to make a difference to individuals and communities for the sake of the Kingdom. Issues of culture often come to the fore. It is all too easy to come in with a colonial 'we-know-it-all' attitude, but equally it is possible for the people we visit to be blind to the deficiencies in their own local culture.

With all that in mind I have used the simple principles of HeartLife to look at Kingdom Culture in several settings where it is not possible for the people to actually utilise the website to get results from the HeartLife Indicator. These are places where web access is limited or non-existent and language barriers would prevent understanding. It is, however, still possible to present simple concepts of ‘above’ and ‘below the line’ behaviour and the four quadrants, with the spirit and focus of each one. Using these principles I have led sessions for church members in Sri Lanka, pastors in Uganda and Malawi, and village chiefs from Malawi.

Most recently in Malawi I had the privilege of leading both groups of leaders to a point where we ended with the Crossing Over activity. Every individual literally crossed a line scratched in the dust and moved from leadership styles based in pride and fear, to a determination to lead from humility and love. Life changing stuff, not just for the individuals but also those whom they lead.”

Message to Pastors

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