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This is your chance to make a heart smile. All over the world people are contributing to this collection of HeartSmiles. To get involved follow these steps:

  1. Download and print the HeartLife logo on the right.
  2. Take a photo with friends, smiling of course!
  3. Email the photo with your name and location... easy!
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Network Events

Sharing best practice is one of the key benefits of the Accredited HeartLife Network. Network events are an opportunity to be resourced, inspired and supported by fellow Accredited HeartLife Facilitators.

Check out News & Events to find out what’s coming up.

Post-Accreditation Programs

Three Post-Accreditation Programs are currently being run through HeartStyles, the character development tool for the corporate sector. Under the Achievement Concepts business, the HeartStyles team has over 25 years of experience facilitating corporate groups at all levels of business. Register for upcoming programs at HeartStyles.

  • Facilitator Skills Program
  • How-to Skills Program
  • MAC=V Selling Skills